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The Best New Years Resolution

January 1, 2018

It’s that time of year again.

New Years Resolution time.

Time to claim you’re going on this insane diet, exercise every day, drink nothing but coconut water, have a spotless house, and save up a bunch of money.  You’ll go out and get a gym membership, go to the grocery store and stock up on kale, and buy a bunch of organization storage for your home.

Stop right there.

The vast majority of New Years Resolutions don’t make it past January.  Goals people set are too unrealistic and far fetched.  They jump in feet first and burn out by February.

The best New Years Resolution is…

No resolution.  Long term goals are hard to achieve, and it’s easy to get discouraged.  Especially when they’re about weight loss or a huge lifestyle change.


Create short term goals.  If you want to become more healthy, set a reasonable and achievable short term goal for yourself.  For the month of January, your goal can be “Drink 4 water bottles per day“.  When short term, realistic goals are set, they’re easy to achieve and become more of a gradual lifestyle change.

Some great ways to start of 2018:

Be more positive.  Don’t let negativity control your life.

Enjoy the little things.  Cliche, I know.  But truly, when you enjoy the little things, you enjoy your day way better.

Eat out less.  I know, eating out is great.  Someone makes you food and you don’t have to do the dishes.  But come on, it’s expensive!

Less screen time.  Put away your phone and spend more time with your family.  Unless of course you’re reading Step-Mommin’.

Get a piggy bank.  It doesn’t have to be store bought.  Just get a box, duct tape it all up, cut a little slit in it.  $5 or less, put it away!  Open it up next year and you could have enough saved for a nice date out, a trip, a new couch!

Be kind.  Always be kind.  Be kind to nice people, to mean people, and people who hate you.  It’s always better to take the high road and be kind to those who are not.


A new year does not mean a new you.  Every day is opportunity for growth, change, and improvement.

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