My Back Story

I’m going to try and briefly explain our backstory without giving away too much personal matters.  My goal is for this section to clarify any “grey” area’s or questions that may pop up in my posts.

My boyfriend and I met through our parents.  Our fathers have become good friends over the past few years.  I knew that my Dad’s friend had a son, but my boyfriend only thought my Dad had a son (my brother), and had no idea he had a daughter.  My boyfriend had seen me post something on a Facebook group we were both in, and noticed my last name and mutual friends.  He added me, and we started friendly conversation.

We met a few weeks after his son was born.  To be honest, I had thought he was still with his ex at the time, as I knew that he had recently had a baby.  He told me they had broken up shortly after she got pregnant, and their relationship had been rocky ever since.  They never lived together and their relationship was short, but he had tried to make an effort to stay together.  Evidently their relationship didn’t work out, so I lucked out with the man of my dreams.  We made our relationship official just a few months after meeting for the first time – we clicked instantly and it was hard to ignore the strong feelings we had for each other.

I have been heavily involved since day one.  We’ve had our ups and downs, and we have gone through this whole process together.