Adventures with Little Boy

Our First Overnight

November 11, 2017

The only time my boyfriend has ever spent overnights with his son was the few nights in the hospital after he was born.  For almost two years now, he has never spent a night with him.

The court process has been incredibly long and stressful process.  We fought tooth and nail to finally get the little boy overnight at our place.

We finally got our first overnight visit, and it was amazing.  Our day was so full with fun things, and so many first experiences.  We went to the city to go shopping in the mall, came home for dinner, had a bath and read some bedtime stories.

My boyfriend has never given the little boy a bath before.  Little boy was scared of our bathtub, and the only way we could get him in the tub was if my boyfriend went in with him.  He was apprehensive, as having a bath at Dad’s was totally new and foreign for him.  After his bath, we got him into his jammies and read some bed time stories.  I had purchased some books I was going to give him for Christmas, but his father couldn’t wait and read them to him anyways (they were a great hit).  He slept all through the night, and even slept in longer than he usually does when he is with his Mom.

It was a giant step for us, and we feel a little bit more like a family.  This is something we have both been waiting for for such a long time.  We are so relieved his fist sleepover was a success, as it just proves to his Mom how comfortable he is with us.

I can’t wait for the next one.

  1. That’s always a great step. Congratulations. I’m glad you guys got this far. Was it through the courts that he finally could sleep over?

    Another thing, careful with trying to convince yourself that you’re the better mom because it doesn’t matter. She may actually be better than you with some things and it’s ok. My child is 6years old and he was two when I became his mom. ( I don’t share this on my blog because I’m not anonymous like you are)

    1. Yes, all our visits has been awarded through the courts. Before the court process started, my boyfriend only got to see his newborn baby for an hour once a week at a takeout restaurant. It took a year of court to get here though, she was really good at making us look like the bad guy.

      I’m not trying to be a better mom, just trying to be a better person than she thinks I am! She thinks we are incompetent and that the little boy isn’t happy here.

    1. Thank you Sandra. “Step Son” and “Step Mom” are technically supposed to be used when there is a marriage, however I feel as if the label can be used if there are certain requirements met. Although I am not married, I have been in the little boys life for almost his whole life, and I fully intend to stick around. I have treated him as if he is my own son, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. I usually call him my step son because of a lack of a better word. There is also a growing number of common law couples that choose not to marry. If a woman was in this situation, it would be appropriate to refer to her significant others children as her step children. However, in front of the courts I am not sure if I would use this terminology.

      I don’t think it’s appropriate for a woman who just stepped into a mans life to call his children her step children.

      I have another blog post called “How I Struggled with my Identity of Step Mom” that might help you understand where my mind is at.

      Hope this answers your question!

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