Reflection of 2017

December 29, 2017

As 2017 is coming to a close, I wanted to reflect back on my year.  So much has happened, and I have grown so much as a person.  2017 has not been an easy year by any stretch.  I’ve made friends, drifted away from friends, and even found out that one of my best friends is actually my cousin.

I decided to go to college.

Early in 2017 I had decided that I wanted to finally get off my butt and go to college.  I had never wanted to go to college before, as I figured I could come across a job that payed well with no post secondary education (spoiler alert, they don’t exist).  I came to the realization that with child support payments, section 7 expenses, and paying for Little Boy’s needs when he is with us, the amount my boyfriend and I make currently just won’t cut it, so I needed to set myself up for a good job.  Also, I wanted to set a good example for Little Boy as he grows up.  Showing him that with hard work, someone can get a good job and make good money to support a family.

My dog died.

This might not seem like a big deal to anyone.  I’ve had my dog for years, and I don’t remember what it was like without him around.  He was old, but his death was sudden.  Within a day, we found out he was sick, then we had to put him down.  I was there when he was put to sleep, and it was the most traumatic thing I had ever experienced.  Seeing him once he was gone was like I wasn’t looking at him anymore – he looked so different.  He passed months ago, and I still haven’t gotten over it.  I have never lost anyone close to me before, so losing him has hit me really hard.  I feel so stupid crying over him months later after he has left us.  Its quite simply the hardest thing I’ve ever been through.

Custody was finalized.

To be clear though, custody is never really final.  Both parties can always bring each other back for modification, and it could start all over again.  However, this year my boyfriend and his ex have finalized their agreement, and we don’t have to go back.  It’s a great feeling, like a weight has lifted off everyone’s shoulders.  There is some sort of security in the fact that we have set dates and times to see Little Boy.  It feels like within this year, things with her went from really terrible to really great.

I started this blog.

It has only been up and running for a few months, but long before that I wanted to start this blog.  After taking a “communications” course at school, I finally got the confidence up to write for someone other than myself (or maybe it’s for myself, does anybody really read my blog?).  This blog has been something that has really gotten me through these last few months, and I feel like I’m becoming a better person.

My relationship with my boyfriend.

I’d love to say it’s been unicorns and rainbows this whole time, but it hasn’t been.  There has been a few points where we felt like giving up – and did for a few days – but we have come out of every hardship stronger.  We’ve had some really great times, and some really terrible times, but those terrible times have been easier to get through.

My boyfriend has changed.

In such a good way.  I’ve watched him transform as a person.  He used to be so hurt and angry, but I’ve watched him battle his own demons and become a much stronger person.  Little things don’t get to him, and he has matured so much this year.  He went from being a person who didn’t feel like a father, to now embracing every part of being a Dad.  He surprises me all the time, and he has done a complete 180.


It’s been a great year.  What’s your reflection of this year?

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