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Self Care

December 18, 2017

Self care is more than just treating yourself to a mani pedi every once in a while.  Sometimes, it’s forcing yourself to do things that you don’t necessarily want to do, but have to in order to keep yourself healthy.  Self care is building a healthy life for yourself.

Take care of yourself physically.

Eat well, sleep enough, exercise a few times a week, drink lots of water, have regular showers, moisturize your skin.  You know, the obvious.

More exercise will help you sleep better at night, especially if you do bedtime yoga!  A full nights rest will help clear your mind to be able to react in more rational ways.  Having a healthy body will improve your mental health.  You might notice that when you eat well and drink lots of water, you’ll feel more energized to tackle your day.

Take care of yourself mentally and emotionally.

Learn to say no, keep a journal, express your feelings, plan ahead and predict trouble spots, listen to those who know you, take part in social activities, spend time with supportive people, take time to yourself, and cut toxic people out of your life.

Moms, step moms, and people in general can over book themselves.  It’s okay to say no.  Keeping a journal (or a blog!) can help you understand your thoughts and feelings better.  It’s also an excellent way to vent.  Planning ahead and predicting trouble spots can alleviate anxiety or stress.  When you plan for unpleasant moments, you can be better prepared on how to handle that situation.  Your close friends and family know you very well, and they want what’s best for you.  They will be able to notice if you’re becoming over worked, stressed, or burning out.  Listen to what they have to say.  Getting out to socialize and spending time with supportive people will help you escape the stressors of your every day life, take advantage of that!  Take time for yourself and be alone.  Being alone will not only help you relax, but you can reflect on yourself more clearly.  If possible (we can’t really do this to some people) cut toxic people out of your life.  People who treat you poorly, talk down to you, and make you feel horrible about yourself, kick them to the curb.

Take care of your home.

This one sucks.  It involves effort and work that most people do not want to do.  However, when our houses are clean and free from clutter, our head spaces will be more free from clutter.  Surrounding yourself in an environment you are comfortable and want to be in, it’ll be easier for yourself to decompress and relax.

Self care is not beautiful.

It’s showering when you don’t want to, it’s doing laundry and cleaning dishes, it’s having uncomfortable conversations with friends and family.

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  1. Gosh this is SO RELATABLE. My husband and his ex went to court for the first time when we had been dating about 9 months… I had been SO over-involved the whole time… showing up to every exchange, reading and taking screen shots of every text, every email… and while documenting is so helpful and necessary, every move I made in the beginning was a power play. I wanted her to know that I was in it for the long haul, and that she didn’t have a shot at reconciling with him. That was the worst motive! I often wonder if things would have been different if I had of laid low. We’ve been together about 3 years now, and married for the last one… we have come a LONG WAY since those early, super high-conflict, sickening days. Whew!

  2. ^ My laptop just had a meltdown… This comment was intended for the first post of yours I left it on (the one about the court process!). You can delete this above comment (and this one) from Self-Care 🙂 Sorry! Love the post though. You rock.

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