Tips for the Step Mom

How to be The Best Step Mom

January 23, 2018

Alright ladies.  This might grind some gears, as I think my opinions might differ from others.  However, I have adopted some of these opinions whilst learning about the family dynamics in one of my college courses. You’re not their Mom. Hard to hear, I know.  First and foremost, you did not carry them in your […]

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Being a Step Mom Has Changed my Life

November 27, 2017

It has changed my life in a lot of ways I didn’t expect. I’m in my early 20’s.  For the longest time, I have always said I hated kids, and I’m never going to have any.  When I was in the dating world I would immediately be uninterested if the guy had kids.  I never […]

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Tips for the Step Mom

Think Positive

November 23, 2017

“You can choose love or hate, I choose love” – Johnny Cash. It’s so easy to focus on all the bad aspects of being a Step Parent.  Baby Momma drama, step kids being disrespectful, court dates, lack of support and understanding from family and friends, stressed out significant other. There’s an endless list of shit […]

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Adventures with Little Boy

Our First Overnight

November 11, 2017

The only time my boyfriend has ever spent overnights with his son was the few nights in the hospital after he was born.  For almost two years now, he has never spent a night with him. The court process has been incredibly long and stressful process.  We fought tooth and nail to finally get the […]

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