Why I Started This Blog

December 27, 2017

I started this blog for a few reasons.

I wanted to write for myself.

I’m the type of person who has to think out loud.  This is kind of thinking out loud for me.  I’m writing down my thoughts, my feelings, my experiences.  I sometimes find myself admitting to things I haven’t admitted to myself before, or realizing how I’m truly feeling or thinking.

I wanted to write for other Step Moms.

I know my situation has a lot of unique aspects.  However, my views and experiences might relate with another step mom.  I’m a huge believer in support systems.  My hope was for this blog to be a way a Step Mom can read my posts, relate, and feel as if her feelings are valid.  I want her to feel like she’s not alone.  Maybe what I have written can even change the way she looks at her situation.

I wanted to write for the husbands and boyfriends of the Step Moms.

Being a step parent is really hard, and sometimes the men in the family don’t see it or understand it.  I want them to read what I have written from the Step Mom point of view, and maybe that will help their situation too.

I wanted to write for the Bio Moms.

I want them to read this and see what’s going on through a step mom’s eyes.  A lot of baby moms are high conflict, and I want them to maybe step outside of themselves and realize how their words and actions affect others around them.  Hell, some of you baby mom’s are amazing and can relate to what I’m writing in your own biological family.

I wanted to hold myself accountable.

My posts are mostly about approaching things in a positive way, being hate free, and improving yourself.  I find that if my posts say something and I don’t follow my own advice, I have no credibility.  This blog keeps me in check and forces me to continue being the person I want to be.


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